“Kaua’i and it’s surrounding waters has an enduring attraction for my family with it’s natural warmth and beauty. We have made an annual winter/ spring migration to the North Shore regularly over the last 18 years. Spending our time surfing, swimming, hiking and at the farmers markets we have felt pretty familiar and blessed by this amazing place. A recent interest in SUP and down wind paddling has had me looking offshore and imagining a part of Kauai that I have never experienced however, “when in doubt , don’t go out” has held me closer to shore and more familiar waters.”

“Enter Adventure Fit Kauai. I had seen Mariko’s name in the results from some elite SUP events so thought they would be a good place to start. Right away I had a sense of how professional they are by the thoroughness of Mariko’s questions as she gauged my ability and experience. Mariko proposed a down wind paddle on the north shore of Kaua’i. It was the perfect first time down wind run on that day with more than enough wind and bumps to make for some very fun paddling. Short enough that we reached the Bay wanting more while long enough that I was glad to reach shore. The scenery and conditions were everything that I had hoped for and Mariko was an amazing paddling partner. Her coaching skills came through right away with a perfect balance of encouragement, instruction and enthusiasm. On top of which she somehow managed to grab some great photos so I could remember the day. I feel privileged to have paddled with a true Waterwoman. Pure Aloha. I would highly recommend Adventure Fit Kauai to anyone looking to go off the beaten path and experience Kauai from a truly local perspective. Malama Pono.”
-Mike Bremner
Vancouver, Canada


FullSizeRender-7“Thank you Mariko for taking Dave and I on the most amazing adventure!  I honestly had THE best day!!  Mariko guided us through the mysterious and beautiful Hills of Wailua.  The mountain biking was challenging but really fun.  We wound our way up to the top of the trail where Mariko revealed a fast flowing stream that flowed deep into the mountain side.  I honestly thought Mariko was joking when she suggested we could float into the darkness through the tunnel to a secluded waterhole.  I’m truly grateful that we trusted her!!  The experience was amazing.  Refreshing, cold water, complete darkness, bursting out into a beautiful waterhole with a picturesque waterfall. Revitalized by this hidden treasure we “thrashed” back down the trail.  Whooping as we floated over rocks and through streams!  This was the full adventure package, it left me buzzing for days.  I’d go back again tomorrow (if I didn’t have to work!!)”

-Ben Walters (Australia); ER Doctor

soccer training

World class soccer training made our trip to Kauai all the better.  Mariko was able to do great things with our son in just a few sessions.  Our son has trained with coaches across the U.S. and Mariko is one of the best.  Having played at a high level, she has the knowledge and experience needed to go beyond basic skills and conditioning and impart advanced ball handling, strategy and mental techniques (building confidence) with her training.  She also strikes a great balance with youth players:  challenging them to do their best while keeping the training fun.  Even better than the great soccer training, Mariko is the kind of role model (strong, caring, passionate) that you want your children to be around.

-John Kliewer (Duluth, MN)

fullsizerender-5My personal training sessions started out as 1 on 1. After each successive session, and upon hearing the recounts of the days activities an additional family member decided to join. What started as 1 person grew in to 6. Daughters, Brothers, Sister-in-Laws, Nephews all with different fitness levels. We all had a good sweat, laughed, and felt motivated to push our fitness limits. Mariko was quick to identify each individual’s motivation points and made each station of the circuit fun and challenging for each of us. Her personality and passion for fitness and fun is infectious. Her flexibility to adapt and expand the training sessions on the fly was nothing but amazing. We all can not wait for our next appointment.

-Jean Walker (Elementary Teacher)


“As a professional stuntwoman, when I vacation I crave activity and new experiences.  Adventure Fit Kauai was highly recommended and delivered more than what I thought possible.  The owners are kind hearted people who will work to tailor your adventure in order to ensure complete satisfaction.”

“My partner and I loved our private stand up paddle tour which led to a gorgeous hike which ended at a magical waterfall.  We learned so much about the history of the island and it’s people, more than we would have ever learned on our own or on a group guided tour.  We finished our journey with a homemade meal which included fresh fish which had been speared that morning and locally grown veggies! Needless to say we had our fill of food and adventure and cannot wait to return for the next one.”

-Jess Harbeck (Los Angeles, CA)

Professional Stunt Woman


“Our soccer loving son was fortunate enough to attend the AFK Winter Soccer Camp. The camp was very well organized and focused on fun and hardwork. Mariko and her coaches were phenomenal. They were high energy, positive, and very hands-on with the kids. The only disappointment my son had with the camp was that it could not go on forever! For us it is most important that our son has fun and works hard while developing skills. Your emphasis on skill work and small sided games where the kids get more touches was awesome.”

-Chad Pimentel (Kauai, HI)


“My 15 year old daughter Brianna met Mariko over 3 years ago at Island School as her homeroom teacher. They really connected with each other because of soccer. Mariko on her own started working with her and giving her footwork drills to practice at home. We are so excited that Mariko started this new business that Brianna did 4 sessions with her the first week to get ready for Varsity soccer.”

“Mariko is not your typical coach sitting in a chair telling them what to do. She is hands on getting sweaty doing every drill with them and showing how it is done. She knows how to evaluate a player and help them with their weaknesses to make them a better well rounded player. Every workout is prepared and designed to get the most out of her student.”

“Mariko does not only teach Brianna soccer but how to be a strong, confident young woman with high self esteem and good values. She is my daughters mentor, confidant and good friend.”

-Bobby Binder (Kaua’i, HI)