Learn to read the ocean, catch bumps, and surf the open ocean wind swells. Skill level, ocean knowledge, and fitness levels will dictate the conditions as well as the distance of the ocean paddle. If your goal is to be able to paddle 5-10 miles downwind, we will create a specific program to reach your goal. However, before undertaking such a challenge, technique and fitness must be well developed. With Mariko’s professional paddling expertise and ocean knowledge, you will be in safe hands.

Adventure Package Options:

  • The distance and location of the paddle lesson will be determined by the individuals level of experience.
  • Hourly rate of $150/hour (including vehicle shuttle time)
  • Private experience for one (additional charges apply per additional person)
  • Nutritional recovery drink and/or snack provided at the end of the paddle
  • Optional arranged Treatment Day (i.e. Massage, Acupuncture, Rolfing, etc)