Throw away your gym membership and get fit in nature! Allow us to plan your ultimate Adventure Fit Kaua’i retreat! Whether its just a few days, a week long, half or full day services, we provide the best Kaua’i experience imaginable.

Enjoy the luxury of vacationing or having a stay-cation where your only responsibilities involves packing your bags or booking your flights! We take care of everything from transportation, to planning your daily adventures, booking the most comfortable accommodations, to providing healthy as well as delicious meals and snacks. Based on your individual or group fitness levels, nutritional desires, interpretation of “adventures” or “relaxation,” we create your ultimate week long retreat that will rejuvenate and invigorate.

Perhaps you are seeking a slightly less structured experience allowing you to explore Kaua’i independently, or even cook your own meals. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we will create a schedule of activities that best suits your vacation desires. Whether you’re looking to have a short morning activity or a mix of adventures and catered meals, regardless, we will accommodate accordingly.

Adventure Fit Kaua’i is committed to provide our clients with a uniquely individualized, ultimate Kaua’i experience that inspires a positive lifestyle. Activities can be chosen from the various adventures offered on our website, or we will do our best to fulfill any requests! Stay tuned for our week long “Adventure Fit Kaua’i Retreat,” coming soon!