img_1556The whole idea behind Adventure Fit Kaua’i was to inspire people to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle rather than squeezing in a gym workout. Therefore, when we design individual or small group circuits, sport specific development, cross training, or even high interval cardio programs, we do our best to get creative with our outside surroundings. This not only makes fitness fun, but also challenging as well as aesthetically beautiful.

AFK trainer, Mariko Strickland Lum, holds her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology as well as a minor in sports psychology. She comes from an impressive athletic background that naturally attracts people, including professional athletes, to seek Mariko’s guidance in fitness training involving both the physical and mental side.

Mariko’s theory on training is to provide functional movement patterns that are multi-dimensional and fun for everyone. Whether it is an individual or small group training, exercises can always be modified to suit the individual’s comfort level as well as psychical ability. Mariko believes everyone’s body is shaped and functions differently, therefore, not every exercise is suitable for each person. Perhaps Mariko’s most emphasized value in training is “never compromise form for speed or increased load.” Proper form with positive functionality must be perfected before any load is added to an activity.

Fitness trainings can be arranged at clients homes or vacation accommodations, AFK indoor training facility, or in nature throughout Kaua’i! Please call or email for inquiries.