“Adventure Fit Kaua’i provides customized small group and individual outdoor fitness training. We respectfully utilize our island’s unique environment as the best state of the art training facility.”


AFK provides unique outdoor adventures for the traveler or resident who embraces nature as an avenue for fitness, wellbeing, and longevity. It is our goal to inspire participants to maintain their Adventure Fit experience into a long lasting lifestyle.  

Replace your Mai Tai with a paddle, ditch the chlorine for mother nature’s pool, and come play with us! Introduce or re-awaken a way of life that does not adhere to the monotonous 9-5 routine, which at best fits in a morning gym workout. It is our intent to challenge adventurous travelers and local residents to continue to push the limits in exploring our natural surroundings, while simultaneously improving individual fitness levels. Throughout this process we are mindful of our natural surroundings and incorporate cultural teachings along the way.